3D Visualization & Rendering

3D Visualization & Rendering

We empower your business to be successful online and enable more strategic business relationships with technology. We help our clients with innovative web solutions that help businesses stay competitive and grow.

3D Walkthrough/ Animation

Indimax Solutions provides high resolution commercial and residential 3D Walkthrough services at an affordable price point. Now you can ‘walk – through’ your property under ideation or construction as if you were there in person. Utilizing Walkthrough services, you get the opportunity to manifest your ideation into high quality realistic motion videos. Our walkthroughs equip you with the ultimate property marketing tool for your projects via advertisements, banners, websites and billboards getting you maximum visibility for your real estate projects.

3D Architectural Rendering (Interior & Exterior)

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Builder, Interior designer or a homeowner planning some upcoming home improvements with your family or a professional interior designer trying to bridge the gap between ideas and visualization, Creative Ends is there to help you out. Our passionate 3D Artists are always looking forward to the designing the best of their careers in your project.While we help you design and decorate your home with 3D Interior Designs, you can also pitch in with your ideas on furniture design, placement and color decisions. We provide you with rich collections of interiors which you can use to get aesthetically pleasing, photo-realistic images.

2D/3D Colored Floor Plans & Architectural Master Site Plans

Indimax Solutions strives to provide the most cost effective 3D floor plans drafting, Master Site Plans and modelling services. Our specialization lies in producing best in class Interactive 3D floor plans for our clients. We have a team of experienced 3D Artists who work on converting traditional Small House Floor Plans to virtual 3D floor plans. We, at Creative Ends specialize in Architectural Floor Plans, spanning House floor plans, Master Site Plans, Building floor plans, Office floor plan, Kitchen floor plan as per client’s choice. Creative Ends presents 3D Floor Plan Renderings for Architects, Drafting Firms, Builders, Property Developers and Home Buyers.

360° Virtual Reality/ Panoramic Views

Indimax solutions produces exceptionally high quality 360° panoramic renders for print and panoramic tour production. Now you can ‘see – through’ your real estate property under ideation or construction as if you stationed at a point in person. We can stitch multiple panoramic images into a complete tour package with a custom navigation design and visual layout. 360° VR produced an audio visual simulation of an altered, augmented or photo-dropped environment that surrounds the user, allowing them to see around in all direction just as in real life.

Aerial & Birds Eye View

Indimax Solutions provides high resolution aerial images for powerful photo realistic panoramic images. These days, 3D Aerial Visualization is one of the best tools available with architects, landscaping specialists and planning team for producing advertisements, banners, websites and billboards used for marketing purposes.

What are Aerial Views ?
Typically, the images are set at an angle of 45° from the ground level. This produces images with a distinct detailing which is often missing in typical front, side and rear elevations.

Value Addition by Indimax solutions
Our interior design artists boost your marketing impact by delivering the best photo-realistic interior renders. Creative Ends ensures service delivery at the right CTQ (Cost, Time & Quality) that catapults your real estate sales to the next level.

Physical Scale Models

These models come with Sound and Light projection on the models synchronized with walkthrough animation that plays itself on a curved screen next to the model.

Multiple projectors are used for Light and 2D Animation projection over the model from Top to simulate day, night, sunset, clouds, rain, traffic movement effect and highlight key areas through dynamic spot lighting. The USP of these models is exceptionally creative lighting that accentuates the architecture and adds a zing to the overall look.

Our team works closely with our partners so that we build international quality models with Indian sensibilities. The entire creative planning, lighting design and visual input work happens at our production center in New Delhi enabling us get the best output from model makers. All models are made strictly as per the CAD files provided and rest on a MDF framebase with your branding.

Corporate Presentations/ Audio Visual

We create INDUSTRIAL presentations for Corporates, tailor made to meet their specific needs. Our foray into the field of Media & Advertising, covers a broad spectrum of services and includes everything from creation of logos, highly customised special effects, video shoots and production and direction of audio video presentations.

Creative Ends brings you one of trending media i.e. Corporate Presentation to reflect your corporate philosophy to ensure your success in business environments.

We partner with you and help pique the interest of customers in your firm & its projects by communicating and packaging your Credentials and the project USP’s in a compelling and captivating manner.

Architectural 3D Modeling

We have a highly skilled team of Designers at Creative Ends that can enable you convert your 2D sketches/plans to 3D models.

Our expertise stems from the service delivery processes that helps us gauge your exact requirements in as much depth as possible.

We assist you with 3D Modeling services for Visualization and defect analysis in order to shorten the lead time for ideation, conceptualization and execution. Our team of 3D designers and drafters create 3D geometry consisting of spatial arrangement of objects, utilities and building spaces. The deliverables can satiate all your marketing, conceptualization and product development needs.

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